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CyberAstro Victims Forum

Why is it required?

This is common platform to form a group to handle CyberAstro case.

Why is it required?

Postby admin » 04 Mar 2012, 23:34

CyberAstro did offer a payment gateway and finally scores of merchants were deprived of their hard earned money.
This biggest side affect wasn't the money - but the deep scar it left on all of the merchants. This is to remind that in India nothing is safe to rely on.

Our aim is to make a group of those suffered due to CyberAstro so that you all can collectively follow CyberAstro legally.

I don't have much knowledge about CyberAstro's events and operations. But I guess this could be useful:

  • Did you all hire a good law firm to tackle the case?
  • More importantly did you take it up with RBI? RBI can overrule CyberAstro's legal agreements to the benefits of you all.
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