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ICICI Payseal

ICICI Payseal Requirements and list of documents needed

ICICI Payseal Requirements and list of documents needed

Postby admin » 19 Feb 2012, 21:47

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ICICI Payement
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Please download the attached documents which are required in soft & hard copies. The hard copies need to be signed & stamped. Also, given below are documents which required as supporting. These also needed to be signed & stamped.

1. The proposal.
2. Documents required for payment gateway (PG).
3. Product presentation on PG.
4. Steps involved in PG integration.
5. Pre-Integration document to check the compatibility of your system w.r.t PG.
6. Debit Card acceptance on ICICI Payment gateway.

Pl note the following for faster processing of your application:

1. Providing payment gateway facility is subject to bank's Risk & Compliance team's approval.
2. All documents need to be submitted completely, duly stamped & signed.
3. Request to go through Pre-integration document to check your system's compatibility. The bank will not be responsible in case your IT team not able to integrate your website with payment gateway.
4. In case your website is not live, payment gateway application can not be processed by the bank
5. Following should be clearly mentioned on the website _other wise risk team's approval can not be sought.

* Terms & Conditions
* Privacy Policy
* Refund & Cancellation policy
* Delivery Policy
* Customer Registration page for capturing customer's details with login ID & password.
* E-invoice should be generated.

6. All links on your website should be live & able to open.

Required documents :
Financial Doc's:
1) Board Resolution ( Attached / On company Letter Head)
2) Director List ( On Company Letter Head)
3) Director/ Partner/ Onwer Pan Card.
4) Director / Partner / Proprietor Address Proof.
5) Company Profile ( On Company Letter Head )
6) Last 3 Month Bank Statement ( Mandatory)
7) Last 2 Years Financial with Auditor Report, Balance Sheet,Profit & Loss A/c of Comapany / Partner's/ Proprietor ( Any one/ Mandatory ).
8) Business Pan Card.
9) 1 Passport size photo.
10) Memorandum of Association / Article of Association./ Partnership Deed.
11) Registration details ( in case of Propiretorship firm)

Technical Doc's:
1) New Technical Template ( Attached /Hard and Soft Copy / Mandatory )

Other Doc's :
1) Sales Information Sheet ( Attached / Mandatory)
2) Ecom Addendum.
3) NEFT Form ( In Case Of Non- ICICI Bank A/c)
4) New RCU Template (Attached / Hard and Soft copy / Mandatory )
5) Declaration Form ( Attached / On Company Letter Head )
6) Merchant Profile ( Attached / On Company Letter Head )
7) New Application Form.
8) Any Other Payment Gateway use ? If, yes Please share the details ( MID No. and Transaction details )
9) Office Address Proof ( mandatory )

Note : Each & Every documents duly signed and stamped as per your Board Resolution.

please provide the below additional information on mail :

1) Detail Business Plan 2) Promoters Background
3) Staff strength and skill background
4) Provision/Projected Financial
5) Funding detail (own fund & VC)
6) Expansion plan
7) Existing processor (statements reflecting CR & CB)
8) % split region wise
9) % split plan wise
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