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Consortium of Tech Support Companies

Why is it required?

This forum is a step towards forming a union(just like Nasscom for IT Companies) which can work for the betterment of PC Tech Support companies and present a face of it in India.

Why is it required?

Postby admin » 04 Mar 2012, 23:24

I see thousands of PC Tech Support providers in India and every day more and more leave their tech support jobs to start the ventures on their own.
Here are the issues that must be tackled immediately:

  • Black sheep's must be identified and restrained due to which every Indian merchant suffers due to penalties imposed by Visa and MasterCards. The first one are those who make unsolicited calls and second who collect 1-3 years of PC maintenance rental and then disappear. In short those merchants having low chargebacks must be rewarded and those with high punished without affecting others.
  • There must be an interface who can represent association of PC Tech Support merchants in India to the Card associations, Indian government and look into other issues of common interest.
  • Employees who work in Tech Support business have access to customer's personal details like sensitive credit card information and his/her personal data which can easily be compromised by the employee. In some cases such people take revenge from merchants by illegally billing customers from their previous employees payment gateways. In short employee database is required like that of Credit Bureau in India so that employee's history could be checked
  • Remote Access software and other commonly used stuff can be purchased in bulk reducing total cost of commonly purchased goods.
  • Creating a foreign customer database is also required where customer's rating can be stored and be viewed by other PC Tech Support Providers so that cranky and non-paying customers can be left out quickly
  • A regulatory/insurance mechanism is required where some alternate solution to be provided to a customer if some PC Tech Support Business closes it's operation causing all long term subscribers to be left out in lurch without getting refunded.

Somebody will need to take this initiative so that everybody benefits the business opportunities in India. Suggestions welcome.
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Re: Why is it required?

Postby techie1 » 05 Mar 2012, 03:38

This must happen soon. Is anyone taking initiative for this?
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Re: Why is it required?

Postby girish.rockks » 30 Mar 2012, 17:19

Yes, there is a dire need for this else frauds will keep looting money and genuine entrepreneur will pay for them. Also we will be able to get better deals from payment gateways
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Re: Why is it required?

Postby Skype:ggerard13 » 12 Oct 2012, 09:09

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