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Payment Gateways General

Payment Gateway For Any Kind Of Business

Discuss all about payment gateways which does not fall into more specific categories listed in other forums in this site. You can even talk about Paypal, EBS etc all here. Unless it is very specific like "testing Paypal API", it should be talked in this forum.

Payment Gateway For Any Kind Of Business

Postby pg4all » 17 Sep 2014, 17:20


We provide Virtual Terminal/Payment Gateway for Tech Support, with 100% approval rate and weekly payments.

Centers have so far relied on popular gateways like PayPal,, SWREG, CC Avenue, EBS & ICICI PAYSEAL but recent changes in the norms have stalled all previous and forthcoming payments.

Therefore, if you or your center is facing difficulty in acquiring payments then we may be able to assist you just in time.

Our Offer:

1. No upfront required as gateway access will be restricted to the sole owner.

2. We will take 30% on every sale or transaction made by your center (inclusive of transaction fee)

3. Chargeback will be reimbursed from your existing balance however it should be limited to 2%. Though, we have implemented various services to avoid even a single chargebacks and we guarantee that responding to the alert within 24-48 hours will stop the chargeback.

4. Center's exceeding 2% chargeback will be notified and will not be allowed to do future transactions.

5. You may charge the customer in any denomination however the conversion will only be displayed in USD.

6. Payments will be released “WEEKLY”.

7. Your 15 days sales amount will be kept on hold against the security of chargebacks and reserve for 180 days after closing of the account.


• 1 first week payment will be on hold!

• 2 week payment will be released!

• 3 weeks payment will be on hold!

• Thereafter weekly billing!



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